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One page sermon section provides thought-provoking sermon briefs that are faithful to the text and needs of the reader/viewer. The briefs are text-driven, culturally relevant with some illustrations, argumentation and practical application. While these sermons were preached from the Riley Hill Pulpit, actual delivery reflects an expanded version (more details), structured in narrative exposition. . . .

Pastor Fullwood

Who is Jesus to you?

Jesus is at a critical place or juncture in his ministry. He takes his closest followers aside and asked them a very simple yet profound question:   Who do people say that I am? (Mark 8: 27)

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What do you want from the Lord?

Getting what you want out of life and having power over your destiny requires one to assume the right position. 

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Getting What’s Rightfully Yours.

The main idea of the message is that faith in the Lord Jesus drives initiative, persistence and confession of faith (witness) that leads to a fruitful and productive life in Christ

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God’s Prosperity For Our Life.

Does God want us to have the most money, the best health, eat the best food, wear the best clothes, drive the best car and live in the best house? There are affirmative answers to such questions provided in what is known as prosperity theology or gospel.

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 Purpose Driven Father.

Being a Father (and likewise a mother) is rated as one of the great moments of life that is unsurpassable.

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